The Benefits of Using Scented Candles

by yogastudiostore
Beefayre Scented Candles

Scented candles help to provide a relaxing environment for meditation, Yoga activities or sleep. But what are the benefits of using scented candles? Keep reading for our short guide with everything you need to know.

Health Benefits

When the light dims, the flicker produced by a good candle can calm the soul and provide a focus for clearing the mind. The ambiance that a candle produces is largely free from UV and blue light, causing weary eyes to be fooled into thinking that the day is over, which aids relaxation and relaxes the heart.

Benefits of using Beefayre Lavender Geranium Scented Candle

Candles Make Scents

The aroma produced by a candle made from natural ingredients can bring back memories of the ingredients from the past or provide the inspiration for meditation, imagination and escapism. Being at one with nature is part of the Yogi’s remit so it is wise to choose a candle that is part of the natural world itself which is why the scents are so important.

Benefits of using Scentered Sleep Gift Set Candle

What Goes Into A Candle Is What Comes Out

Creating a non-toxic environment during meditation is essential to ensure that the mind is clear of worry and the stress that possible contamination may bring. A candle made from natural ingredients is essential to provide the best clean ‘burn’ for the longest period of time.

BeeFayre Honey Lily Scented Candle

Locally Sourced

Lessening our environmental impact is essential for providing sustainability and therefore choosing a candle that is manufactured close to where is will be consumed with locally sourced ingredients will lessen the burden.

Scentered De-Stress Candle Gift Set

Using A High Quality Candle

Whenever you use the candle, make sure that you burn it for long enough so the pool of wax extends to the outside rim of the glass, otherwise the wick may burn through the centre of the candle. When extinguishing the flame, dip the wick into the melted wax or use a snuffer as this will avoid it from smoking.

scented candle illustration

The Yoga Studio Candles

We have created a set of candles that are available through our website. They are of exceptionally high quality and fulfil all the criteria discussed in this article. They are available with a number of scents, use recycled packaging and are made using soy wax.



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