Transform Your Yoga Space – Customisable Yoga Mats!

by Anna Mae

Whether you are creating a space at home or have a yoga studio for students transforming your yoga space with customisable yoga mats is easier than you think. Although yoga can easily be a very small activity with just enough space for your yoga mat, there is nothing wrong with creating a Zen den where you can feel totally at peace and motivated to achieve new levels with your poses. If you are lucky enough to have a space at home to create a yoga studio, then you can find plenty of ideas below for creating the perfect peaceful setting.

As a teacher, it is important to create a peaceful space which is easier if you have a dedicated yoga studio, but we understand that many teachers rent the room, which may well be multipurpose with many other activities taking place there during the week. Customisable yoga mats branded with your own business logo are a great way to draw the room into a collective space where everyone feels like they belong. Of course, you can resell the mats as students often prefer to have their own yoga mat because it makes a difference to their practice and gives them the opportunity to continue at home during the week before returning to class. 

Yoga Class

So let’s have a look at a few ways to transform your yoga space that include customisable yoga mat ideas.

The Perfect Yoga Space

Home: any area of your home can be transformed into a yoga space. You need somewhere you can comfortably stretch and move your arms without the risk of knocking things off. A spare bedroom or attic space could be the perfect solution, or you could consider a room divider to create a private area. Large windows and glass doors allow plenty of light into the space, but it’s important that wherever you choose to situate your yoga studio at home, you feel comfortable and peaceful there.

Studio: if you are setting up your own business and looking for a studio space, it will depend very much on whether you can afford to be the sole user and rent a whole room permanently or whether you will just be running odd classes throughout the week and sharing the space. Although money can be tight when setting up a business, it’s still important to look for somewhere that feels peaceful and airy.

Flooring: Because your customisable yoga mat will be providing protection from the floor, it’s better to have hardwood flooring in your yoga space. Carpet might seem appealing, but it doesn’t offer the same stability as a hard floor. It doesn’t really matter whether it is tiling, laminate, or wood; they will all make a great base for your yoga mats. Of course, natural woods and cork flooring are probably the best surfaces, but in a real-world situation achieving this is not always possible. The customisable yoga mats will cushion the floor, and because you can order different thicknesses, you can create the best base for your yoga practice.

Practising Yoga

Mirrors: While many people do not like mirrors because they show up every flaw we feel about ourselves. It is important in yoga that you can check your posture and ensure you are correctly moving your body. In a yoga studio, you may find wall-to-wall mirrors, add this helps your teacher demonstrate the best alignment of your body, but again if you are sharing the space with other exercise groups, this may not be something that they offer. Freestanding mirrors are great in both the home and shared yoga space and if you play some a couple of metres away from the yoga mat, you can check your own posture with a simple turn of the head. If you do not have this much space, just place a mirror as best you can, and this will aid you in your yoga practice.

Equipment for a Yoga Space

Customisable Yoga Mats: customisable yoga mats can be printed with graphics and wording to create your unique brand. They can also create motivation with mantras and other motivational images and words to help focus the mind. This is perfect for creating a sense of belonging or just customising your yoga space to fit who you really are. We have a massive range of mats for both teachers and personal use that can be customised with full printing or just a logo, depending on what you need. They come in a range of colours and thicknesses, meaning you can find the perfect yoga mat for you at any time.

Yoga Blocks and Bricks: when setting up your yoga space, you may want to consider adding a couple of yoga blocks or bricks. Made from foam, cork or wood, these blocks are designed to help you achieve poses that may not yet be fully possible. You will often hear yoga blocks and bricks referred to as tools for bringing the ground that little bit looser. It’s essential to achieve a pose but also not strain or pull your muscles and ensure that you have proper and correct alignment. The really great news is that we also offer customisable yoga blocks and bricks, which for a yoga studio teacher, means you can create a brand throughout with every item. At home, it’s also great to be able to add a custom logo or message to your yoga, blocks and bricks to help you focus on your practice.

Yoga In front of Window

The Takeaway: Customisable Yoga Mats

No matter whether you are setting up a yoga space for your home or a teacher, with a yoga studio or renting a room, customisable yoga mats are perfect for helping to create the perfect Zen space that will enhance and support your yoga practice. Customisable yoga mats take a little bit longer to arrive as they are unique and personal to you, but we know from other customers that they are also well-received and treasured. All you have to do is enjoy your space and keep practising your yoga.

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