How to Clean your Yoga Mat

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Cleaning your yoga mat is just as important as cleaning your hands. Just think – after hours of sweaty practice, I’d be surprised if your mat didn’t have a build-up of dirt and grime. It’s completely expected and just shows that it’s serving its purpose – to enhance your yoga practice. But how do you clean your yoga mat? Keep reading – I’ll walk you through our guide.

How often should you clean your yoga mat?

Depending on the intensity of your sessions, you can usually go a week or so before your mat needs a good wipe down. However, if you regularly reap in the benefits of hot yoga or find yourself particularly sweaty after a session, your mat may need a wipe down more often. But do air on the side of caution as over deep cleaning some mats may cause them to wear out more quickly. 

Regular wipe downs

What do you use to clean your yoga mat? This is easy! Get your hands on a decent yoga mat cleaner for a fresher yoga practice. And there are loads available – from lab-tested deep-cleaners and disinfectants to essential oil-infused mat sprays, you’ll find the right product for a fresher yoga practice. If you don’t have a yoga mat cleaner to hand, a few drop of mild washing up liquid mixed in some warm water will work too – but I’d make sure you invest in a decent yoga mat spray for future cleans. 

Spot clean your mat by spritzing either solutions onto both sides of your yoga mat and wipe away the solution with a clean, soft cloth. After you’ve done that, wipe any excess solution off the mat with a damp cloth. You don’t want any solution left on your mat. Then to dry, lay your mat flat, or hang it over a shower rod or a clothes airer – but stay away from the radiator. You need to make sure it’s completely dry before rolling it back up.

Deep cleaning your mat

If your yoga mat needs a little more attention than a simple spot clean, consider giving it a deep clean to wash away stains and smells. However, as we mentioned earlier, some mats may wear out considerably faster if you deep clean too often or use the wrong products for your mat. It’s always useful to check on the manufacturers or retailers website first. 

Many of our Yoga Studio Store mats are machine washable – but this isn’t the case for all brands. If you are washing in the washing machine, be sure to use a cool and gentle cycle. Don’t put it on a spin cycle or let it spin to dry and never use the tumble dryer. Instead, always air dry and follow the instructions we mentioned previously. 

If you can’t machine wash your mat, consider hand-washing it in cold water with a mild detergent – but only if your mat allows it. Leave it to soak long enough to get all the dirt out, but not so long that it could begin to fade or wear. And always ensure to rinse your mat well afterwards. 

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Tips to keep your mat clean

So we’ve covered the basics on how to clean your yoga mat, but I thought I’d share a few extra tips to get the most wear out of your mat and keep it cleaner for longer: 

  • Always keep your mat out of sunlight. Direct exposure to the sun can cause them to fade and become brittle.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners and solvents – you’re not going to clean your mat with the same stuff you use to wipe down the kitchen counters. Take a look at our Yoga Studio Store mat spray – this one is gingergrass and teatree and an absolute favourite of mine.
  • Ensure your mat is bone dry before rolling it up and putting it away. Any lingering moisture will result in a damp, smelly and potentially mouldy mat – and let’s not forget about the germs and bacteria which will stay put too.
  • Be cautious when applying skin creams, moisturisers and oils before a yoga practice as these can transfer to your mat and stain it.

Practice fresh yoga

Now you’re armed with a clean yoga mat, you’re all set to practice yoga with maximum freshness. However, if after deep-cleaning your mat is still a little worse for wear, consider treating yourself to a new one. The perfect treat before the new year sets in. 

At Yoga Studio we have a large selection of non-slip sticky yoga mats to choose from. You’ll be sure to find your perfect mat to assist you in your everyday yoga practise! From travel mats to wide or thickbest selling matseco and beginner mats, there’s something for every yogi. Not sure what yoga mat is right for you? then why not checkout our mat buyers guide.

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